At 7 weeks you may view the puppies. Leave a deposit and your puppy can go home with you after the vet issues a Health certificate. pups sold for such as working dogs only. Prepay your pup your receive $100 off. This is to help me with having all your forms and papers filled out ready to go at 8 weeks when you return. Also additional Discounts for special needs ,downs, autistic, PTSD,and 100 off for police and fire first responder, And of course military. sometimes we have older pups this may help you with having all the vet vaccine visits out of the way for a year. 
Puppies sold by deposit only must be delivered no later than 7 days of after 8th week of age. Florida state Law requires all puppies remain in the litter till 8th week of age. And have a valid health certificate by a licensed VET.....That is the law!
I am a verified seller through Next Day Pets.(I.D. address, Drivers license and bank account) If you would like to view our Testimonial page 200 dollar discount for disabled military police  ire 
FOR   LIMITED REGISTRATION for yellow $1250.00 male/1550 female We have three June 1 2019 , $1250.00 3 available deposits only. Prepay and military special needs discounts by 6 weeks.

Remaining Balance After Deposit   due on pickup or at 8 weeks.

 AKC registered
English  Yellow white  pups 
White or  cream color Lab Male Puppy $1750. Female $1850. 

prepay by 4 weeks $1650.00 Yellow 1450.00. AKC 

Pick of Litter male $1950.00 female 2050.00 limited registration. 
Full registration only with approved homes and lines. 
Lifetime consultation. One year guarantee.

Limited Registration includes micro chip, 1 sets of shots, health certificate, starter supplements from NuVet,    Neopar is given at four weeks for added protection for your pup and Licensed Florida Vet issues a Health Certificate with fecal exam and vaccinations . All puppies going home must have NuVet ordered on autoship. This is a requirement to have your guarantee, We guarantee puppies FOR ONE YEAR AGAINST genetic defects.

 Pups can go on the airline with you. We do not ship anymore.
 All sales are final. Pups are sold as  as working dogs. security and therapy hunting are the most needed. If you are going on vacation and need to leave the dog later than go home date. A $10 dollar a day maintenance and care fee will be assessed. All Pups must be paid in full by their go home date. Unless you have purchased a pup from me in the past you must fly here and pick up your pup.

pictures are from previous litters 727 4097239 
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All puppies are sold with one year guarantee,(with NuVet ) Puppy pack,  DVD training Package,health certificate from vet. neopar vaccine , and health certificate, wormer prevention. Unconditional love...... Priceless
Due to attempted puppy thefts all buyer must provide information prior to visiting 727 409 7239 for appointment
call 727-4097239 text or call
Deposits are held one year.
All puppy deposits are non-refundable. No return on pups.  
Puppies require a lot of training...  Deposits and purchases are non refundable. You have taken a puppy someone else could of purchased for their working dog. So be sure this is a working partner you are taking responsibility 

727  409 7239

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Puppies ready June 1 2019

text or call 727 409 7239
If you buy from another breeder Please check the contract. Do not spay and neuter your dog till it is close to age two. Early spay neuter has been connected in studies to three different sarcomas and bone and joint disease. Vets who say its ok are probably not up on the current findings.
Prices below are before $500.00 deposit
Recently these puppy advertising sites, puppy find etc. have been hacked using the breeders real name and the another person taks over to sell the dog here is the following names i have found. reverend raymond whyte. mrs whyten sonia a gomez and vivian if anyone has info on these scammers please email me info right away, remember talk to the breeder have a phone number you can reach them to text talk and respond.
Purchase of Nuvet on auto ship is required prior to your puppy going home. This is a FDA approved supplement that boosts immunity. Read and order on Guarantee icon. This is also necessary to bind your guarantee. I have had issues with vets saying supplements are not necessary. To that I say let your vet guarantee the pup. I have always taken supplements. I give them to moms and dads. If these supplements were not liver flavored I would take them. Please read about them. I want the best for my K 9 kids. I must have received an email from NuVet before you can pick up that your oder is on autoship

727 409 7239 for deposit reserve and appointment
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Click on questionnaire copy and paste into website email then fill out in body of email, then send. I don't check emails often after you submit your answers then text me at 727 409 7239 Breeders are scammed by buyers just like fake puppy sellers scam buyers and they do not get a pup. If I seem harsh its a person who has no sleep after pup crys at night who decides make up an issue
As of January 2018 we are no longer breeding silver, Black or Chocolate
We have yellow we do not breed yellow often but we have yellow available and white yellow are $1250 white $1750