Questionnaire for New Buyers for
Working Dogs: Labrador Retriever





Your occupation:

Your Spouse Occupation: 
Is this your first puppy of a large breed ?.

What is your vets name and number?

Labs are working dogs they must have a job to be happy.
These dogs are on NuVet and will you continue their nutrition?
Do you plan on taking your puppy to a vet for the remainder of the vaccinations?

Do you know about this breed and their shedding, exercise needs?
How many hours will you leave your pup alone?
Do You know about Parvo and parasites, How suseptable your pup is till after the pups last vaccination?
Do You believe in Crate training?
Do you agree not to let your puppy frequent pet stores, dog parks, and gas station grassy areas until last vaccination?

Do you have the time for a new puppy, training, exercise?
What time of job do you have for this working breed?
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We reserve the right to decline a sale to any person. 
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Can you be on time for appointments to pick your puppy and pick him up?