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less than 18 hours old in these photos

Picking a puppy is like falling in love all over again.
This little muffin went home with Garret and Dianne
in Florida to Live happily ever after. Their previous dog Einstein was a handsome fellow may he rest in peace. This little muffin's name is Cotton which suits him so well. Can you feel the love.........

Cotton at 4 weeks
Shhhhhhhh sleepy baby boy
Cotton teaching his owner how to get the paper
Cotton training his owner how to bring it in before the lawn care people run over the paper
Cotton says"Once your owner is trained it's clear sailing!" This is the Life!!!!!!
Teaching them how to maneuver the boat was a piece of cake
I think I almost have my master trained, I figure a few more training sessions and they won't leave crumbs in the bed they will use a Bowl like me, all this takes time. So all you K-9's out there heads up, your Master Can be trained. Patience!
look i have outgrown my parka
Cotton Age 4
We are dedicated to bring you the best working dog experience of your life. Good daily care, excercise, socialization. 

Fill out the questionaire by copy and pasting in website email. fill out in body of email and send. put your deposit down and we will book your flight and you can come pick up your pup and fly him or her back home as soon as the pup is 8 weeks. We also have labs we delay weaning till 10 weeks for those who prefer.
Nothing gets my heart thumping harder than cuddling a puppy and being with the litter. I can't imagine ever having life without my dogs. I have spent many nights, all night, whelping a new litter. I always feel excited like a new mom when she sees her first kid, when I see the puppies.

I started breeding dogs in 1978. I have never tired of hugging, running, playing, making treats, filling swimming pools or searching for puzzle toys, even making them. 

Since the age of 23 I have been into nutrition. I have a daughter with down syndrome and her vitamins she takes since 3 months of age (she is 24 ) have made her features and build less intense like other down syndrome children that havent had the supplements she takes.her immune system is also very strong. I believe because the dogs received rounded nutrition and Vitamins for them also, they are very strong, healthy and my oldest Lab died at 17.

We live on ten acres and surrounded by woods and a pond/wetland area.  The world would be a sad lonely place without our K-9 buddies. Not to mention the loyalty and protection in this dangerous world near us.

 I love it when i sit in the Adirondack chair and a tennis ball drops in my lap. We have a meeting of the minds when their eyes meet mine. Its teamwork... I throw they Retrieve. They swim, they fetch, they love, they protect. My best friends, Loyal,
The Labrador Retriever... Best Breed Dog I have ever known.

Labs are the best workers ever.
My Labs receive the best care I can give. They are bright eyed intelligent and healthy. I wean at 7 weeks for a healthier calmer intelligent pup

As with women cycles in a home our females come into heat around same time. we may only have
 one litter but usually 2 together with staggered birthdates
Joseph graduates in June 2019 time flys