My family and I have made many great acquaintances over the years. It is always a thrill to see how the puppies are doing. It is very hard to let them go. We are very picky about our buyers. We do not want our pups to end up in a home where people change their mind about the responsibility. There are many signs when dealing with people about their paranoia and behavior. If we find we have taken a deposit in error we return it within 30 days and cancel the sale. I have asked my previous pet parents to write something for our website. I am now asking for a questionnaire to be filled out on all buyers to ensure our babies find a forever home with qualified buyers. 

Hi Faith

My first puppie I bought from you I was so nervous living so far away. I am happy to know you and appreciate so much the time you took arranging flights and getting my girl to me I was a nervous wreck. Our next puppy we purchased was a happier occasion because I no longer had any fears just excitement for the two beautiful girls we have. Thank you for all the time you spent holding my hand. We will always be grateful. Our girls are the best dogs a person could ever hope for. We love them very much Thank You again,

Yours Truly
J. Fulop          NYC                                                                                              2012
Dear Faith

You ask for a reference on my beautiful lab, boy. I can honestly say next to everyone elses Labrador my Bowser shows them up everytime. He is the best loving fellow a dog owner could ask for. He is beautiful and turns heads everywhere. Thats the best reference I can give. He is my life.He is turning 3 this month and we are celebrating. We will send pictures soon

Hope everything is well with your family,
 Lisa Chapman                                                                                                                            2010

Date: Tue, May 28, 2013 9:40 am 

My husband and I rescued a wonderful, yellow lab many years ago and named him Einstein.  He was the best dog you could ever ask for but after reading his papers... we sadly realized he was a "puppy mill" dog.   He passed away after a brief nine years from terrible genetic issue inherited from his puppy mill parents.    We were, and still are, heartbroken to have lost such a gentle, wonderful dog.
We decided that this time we would research and find a good, healthy dog from a reputable breeder with a heart.    We found HappyLabtails on-line and a picture of our future dog, Cotton... running with the pack, out in front with a big smile on his face! 
We were thrilled to find him -- he is ALL Lab – and has retained every trait of that first picture whenwe fell in love with him.   He has no health problems.... we keep his weight down and he runs full bore alongside our golf cart every afternoon along with his neighborhood pals. 
We still believe in rescue and our next family member came to us in the form of a Shih Tzu.    Yikes!  Not on our wish list but we (Cotton too) love  her and she returns that love in kind.  If we could just get her to hold still for a face trim…
I would like to say Faith is a reputable dog breeder and, from our experience, produces good, healthy dogs.

Dianne Snodgrass
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HEY our sweet Faith,Just want to thank you for another  gorgeous puppy.We love these dogs so much,of coarse we brag to anyone who will listen about you and your pups,this last one just loves the water,we have a pond and we cannot keep this little girl out of it ! Hope you have great success, the way you care about 
every animal you own,you deserve to have the success!!!,,,Thank You again 
Jan 2011
Most Beautiful Lab I have ever seen. He is smarter than my chocolate. He has it made. I highly recommend you Tracy.
Troy E. Texas  September 28, 2013

Dear Tracy,

I love my two boy dogs and took a risk by having you fly them all the way to Alaska. I have not been disappointed for even one second. They are great guys and well loved. When I heard about your life style and the way you raise puppies I knew they were the dogs for me. It was not easy to arrange the flights but you were willing to work with me, calm my fears and I have always appreciated that about you. Working together we got the giant pups here. From conception onwards these guys have had the best lives possible.

Thank you.
Mary  Mcmatthews Fairbanks 2010
My family found Happylabtails when we were ready to replace our great yellow lab of 13 years. Tracy had a beautiful red lab puppy available. She described him well and sent many pictures during the process. She was insistent on the veterinary requirements which I appreciated. Our new puppy Copper was delivered beautiful, healthy, vibrant and clean. 
Thank you Tracy!

Tom, Martha, Tommy, Joey and Copper
Toms sister Laura bought the Yellow girl on the right
both in Miami

Sig is now over 5 months old and is doing fine.  While still a puppy he has been very easy to train and displays a wonderful temperament.   Sig is extremely people and dog friendly.  He has never displayed any negative behavior toward any humans or other dogs.  Needless to say,  I am very happy with the newest member of my family. 

 You made the entire process of finding my new dog,  bringing him home, and helping me introduce him to his new environment an easy process.

Attached is a photo of Sig enjoying a Saturday boating trip. 


Sox Youngblood


Hi Tracy,
"We recently purchased a Silver male Labrador Retriever from Tracy. All we can say are great things. His color is beautiful, his temperament is awesome and he's very quick to learn. We love him! Thank you Tracy!"

I'll send more pics soon

New Mexico.
Aug 2013
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Faith.... We LOVE her!!! 
Our 10 year old daughter had been looking for a yellow lab puppy for over four months when we finally found happylabtails.  Seeing Daisy, she instantly knew that Daisy was the dog for her and to prove it emptied her life savings of $208 into our hands to start the process.  Unable to argue with that, we made the call to happylabtails.  Faith was gracious, informative and helpful and just a few days later, Daisy joined our family.  We've had Daisy for four months and she is a head-turner wherever she goes. Thanks for everything! 
Candy J.
December 4, 2013
Our silver lab puppy is the most loving and beautiful dog we have ever owned. He is so smart and has an incredible personality. Although we were reluctant to buy a puppy online. Tracy made us feel comfortable and took care of all the details. This has been one of the most incredible experiences of our lives and she is always available for advice and checks on our puppies progress. We recommend her to anyone looking for a special lab. Our puppy was exactly as she described and exceeded our expectations.

Rich Shapiro. 
NY City   December 4, 2013
This beautiful male lab was sent to this Family in NYC. The photos are in the country of NY state where they spend their weekends. Jake and Brian A Boys best friend is his Dog.
Thank you so much Tracy! We love our puppy REEF You couldn't have picked out a 
better dog for us. He is awesome! We cannot wait to show him off. Thank you 
again.  Nicole F. West Palm Golden Retriever Dec. 5, 2013

My Fiancee and I love the breed of Golden retrievers and I was doing some research online for breeders nearby and came across Tracy via Oogle marketplace.  Even though she was located in Brooksville we contacted her about a litter of beautiful "red" goldens advertised.  She got back in touch with me quickly and was very patient as I asked tons of questions and even sent me pics of the puppies.  They were gorgeous!  Lue and I made the drive out on a Sunday afternoon and what handsome boys they were.  Very healthy looking and so cute and playful.  Tracy was very patient as we played with the puppies and debated whether we want to take on the challenge of tackling two!  Alas, we said life is too short and took our two bundles of energy home the following week.  We were provided with tons of puppy info and tips,along with a DVD to watch and coupons for supplements and puppy food.  Both puppies has gotten their first set of de-worming and puppy shots.  All in all a very quick and smooth process and we feel we got two great pups, I would recommend any future pups to anyone as we love ours!!!!! 

Alexandra and Lucio 
with Tank and Boomer :)
 December 8, 2013

Austin went to vet on thurs. no parasites or worms he checked out beautifully, physically, vet said he's good to go. I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to raise such fine puppys. Austin is so active Im having A hard time keeping up with him. He loves to run and don't want to stop playing. He is eating real good and taking all his vitamins. Thanks again for such A wonderful puppy. More pictures on way soon. have A good day                                                                                      ALLEN &CATHY December 8,2013

Just an update Bowser is 7 now and very active and healthy. Keep up the good nutrition you must be doing something right he is still beautiful. Lisa C. 2013
 We drive 5 hours to get our dog Enzo . He is the most beautiful dog with the greatest disposition. Once we arrived, faith made the transition seamless and smooth and we were on our way. She has contacted us to make sure the dog is ok and we are taking care of him right. I would recommend happy lab tails to anyone who is looking for a healthy dog with a great breeder. Thank you Faith.

Todd Leoni, President
Leoni Real Estate Corp
Miami, Florida 33238

Age 16 months.
ENZO Miami
Dear Tracy, we are so delighted & in love with our 2 beautiful boys that you brought into the world. They are now 3 1/2 months old, 28 pounds & growing each day. They both are so well behaved, house broken & sweet. They are our little white treasures that we will love forever just like our dear Jack who is now resting in peace in heaven, love always Jay, Meredith, David, Jared & Samantha Shapiro PS. Charles & Brady say hi :)
Jay S. Shapiro, CPA
Shapiro & Assoc's, CPA's
CPA's & Tax Consultants
Abby from Sherri Claudio
We have to Thank You so much hot litter box training our puppy it is a fabulous thing. Potty training is not easy but with the litter box already in use and slowly introducing outside potty training is working great !
No accidents so far tomorrow will be 1 week with our new loyal friend Copper. He feels right at home now. We walk the neighborhood either am or pm. Sometimes both 
So he can meet the kids and other dogs where he lives.
Today he is at work at Walts Pawn shop in 
Walts office crate Training him to go to work with us sometimes. 
We have the litter box at work too.  

Lovin our white lab Copper!
Nancy And Walt Porter 
8 months
Abby at 8 weeks
Vapor is my boy he follows me everywhere . I just love him Patti Whited Tennessee 2018